General Information

    • Authorization and Indemnification

              By placing an order with Sanford Business-to-Business, you represent and warrant that you have the authority

              to order, purchase and distribute merchandise containing the names, trademarks, logos, copyrights, etc. identified

              in your order. You also agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Sanford L.P. and its affiliates and representatives,

              from and against all claims, liabilities and expenses (including resonable attorney's fees) arising out of or related to an

              actual or alleged infringement or misappropriation of any trademark, trade dress, copyright or any other proprietary

              right of such merchandise. This provision will remain in effect after delivery of your order.


    • Credit Cards, Pricing Policy & Quotations

              -We accept American Express, Master Card and VISA.

             -All published prices are effective January 1, 2013, and are subject to change without notice.

              -See individual product pages for pricing. For orders exceeding published quantities, call Customer Service

              to request a written quotation. Quote number must appear on Purchase Order to guarantee quoted price. 


    • Lead Time

              -Our goal is to consistently meet your service needs.

              -Production lead time is calculated in working days from the first full date an order (requiring no further clarification

              of the purchase order or artwork) is received at our facility to the date it is shipped from our facility. Example: A 3-day

              lead time (repeat order) received on Monday with no order questions would ship on Thursday - Monday to Tuesday

              (day one) Tuesday to Wednesday (day two), Wednesday to Thursday (day three).

              -Large quantity orders or multi-color orders may require longer lead times.

              -Requessts for orders to ship in less than the standard lead time must be approved in advance, and will incur a $60(G)

              rush processing fee.

              -Orders qualifying for Simple Ship 3-Day and Simple Ship Next Day services do not require advance approval;

              however they must be clearly noted on the purchase order.


    • Minimum Order Policy

              -No less than minimums accepted for imprinted product.

              -Less than minimum orders for products customized with copy engraving or crown monogram will be accepted for

              50% of stated quantity with a $36.50(G) minimum charge.

              -The minimum order quantity for releases of pre-paid emblems from our Emblem Stocking Program is 6 units.

              -Copy or color changes within the same order must meet putlished minimum order requirements per product.

              -If multiple product colors are ordered, each color must be 25% of minimum order quantity.


    • Order Changes

              -Changes often delay orders and must be authorized by Sanford Business-to-Business.

              -Customers making a second change to a purchase order prior to production will be invoiced a $36.50(G) charge

              and $36.50(G) for each change thereafter.

              -Customers making changes or cancellations after production has begun will be invoiced for all labor and production

              costs expended. All cancellations must be in writing.

              -Copy or color changes within the same order must meet published minimum order requirements per product.

              -An engraving product change charge of $15.00(G) will apply when ordering more than one model and/or finish.


    • Overruns/Underruns

              Sanford Business-to-Business reserves the right to ship and invoice the requested order quantity on promotional

              products plus or minus 5 percent. Exact quantity shipments are subject to a 2 percent handling fee.    


    • Product Regulatory Compliance

              -Sanford is committed to ensuring its ongoing compliance with all applicable regulations, including California's

              Proposition 65, and we employ reasonable practices intended to ensure our ongoing compliance with Prop 65.

              -Those practices include the review of product formulations, inspections of source plants, and, in many cases, additional

              toxicology testing of product samples to ensure that our products are compliant.

              -Sanford Business-to-Business' product offering does not include children's products or children's toys within the meaning

              of the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act of 2008.


    • Product Specifications

              Sanford Business-to-Business continually strives to improve quality and methods of production. For that reason, we

              reserve the right to change, without notice, the specifications of any products. 


    • Production Holiday Observances

              On specific occasions, the Sanford B2B manufacturing facility may observe a limited time shut down in order to observe

              local holidays and/or to conduct physical inventory counts. We will do our best to expedite any orders in house that

              may be affected by a shut down, and will communicate plant closure days in advance as much as possible, Please

              contact Customer Service with any order concerns or questions.


    • Proofs

              Color Productioin-Ready Proofs

                -Color proofs are available at no additional charge.

                -Color proofs are sent via email as a PDF attachment; however, a black & wihte version can be faxed upon request.

                -Requests for proofs receied before 2:00pm Central Standard Time will be emailed the following business day.

              Color Virtual Product Ideas

                -Color virtual product ideas/3-dimensional renderings can be created online in 5 minutes or less 24-7, and at no

                additional charge.

                -Simply visit the product pages on this site and click on Virtual Sample to begin.

                -Color virtual product ideas are enabled by Trade Only/Technologo. Please note that virtual product ideas (also known

                as virtual samples) are best used for idea generation and prospecting, and may not necessarily represent exact

                production capabilities. If production specifications are needed, please request a pre-production sample.


    • Return Policy

              -Returned merchandise must be pre-authorized by Sanford Business-to-Business and will be reviewed based on

              product performance or decoration quality only. Documentation of the intent to return must be made within 45 days

              and samples must be received within 90 dats if receipt of delivery

              -A pre-authorized return good number is needed from Customer Service and must accompany any merchandise


              -Unauthorized returns will not be accepted.

              -Merchandise returned due to a Sanford Business-to-Business error will be replaced at no charge. No replacement

              product or credit will be issued for merchandise that is unavailable for return.

              -Undecorated products will be subject to a 20% return stocking fee (excluding our Samples On-Loan program).

    • Sample Policy & Pricing

              *Random Samples

                -Promotional product random imprinted samples of all products are available upon request and will be

                invoiced at EQP Net.

              *Pre-Production & Speculative Samples

                -Pre-production and speculative samples are available and must be requested at time of order.

                -Lead time:

                  Add 9 days for a product sample of Waterman, Parker and Quill products. Add 5 days for a product sample of

                  Paper Mate, Sharpie, uni-ball and Expo products.

                -Production-ready art must be supplied or an art charge may be assessed.

                -Speculative Sample Charges:

                  *$36.50 (G) for Paper Mate, Sharpie, uni-ball, Expo and Parker Jotter samples.

                  *$75.00 (G) + the standard per-unit product cost for Waterman, Parker (not including Jotter) and Quill samples.

                  *$300.00 (G) + the standard per-unit product cost for all Die-Struck Emblem/Dome samples.

                -Pre-Production Sample Charges:

                  *$28.50 (G) for Paper Mate, Sharpie, uni-ball, Expo and Parker Jotter samples.

                  *$57.50 (G) + the standard per-unit product cost for Waterman, Parker (not including Jotter), and Quill samples.

                  *$300.00 (G) + the standard per-unit product cost for all Die-Struck Emblem/Dome samples.

                -In lieu of a pre-production sample of Quill Custom Pen-in-a-Card packaging, a full-color production

                  printout with a blank Pen-in-a-Card sample is available for $36.50 (G).

                -We reserve the right to require a pre-producgtion sample in certain instances, in which case the customer will

                  not be billed for the product sample.

                -If an order results from a speculative sample, related charges will be credited upon receipt of that order. Limit

                  one per order. Please refernce speculative sample purchase order for proper crediting.


    • Set-Up Charges

              -Set-up charges associated with engraving or imprinting of all products will be waived, unless otherwise noted.

              -For set-up charges associated with die-struck emblem customization of clips, crowns or slant top domes, please refer

              to the individual product customization pages.

              -Where applicable on die-struck emblems, set-up charges will not apply to exact repeat orders received within a

              three-year period.

              -Artwork for repeat orders will be held on file for 24 months beyond the current calendar year. After that period,

              the order will be considered a new order for the purpose of lead time calculation and set-up charges, if appropriate.


    • Social Responsibility/Sustainability Policy

              With products available in more than 75 countries, Sanford, L.P., A Newell Brands Company, is committed to

              developing, implementing, and sustaining proactive policies and practices that promote worker, environmental and

              community well-being. The free exchange of ideas, support for individuals at every stage of life, protection of

              resources and compliance with local laws and regulations are values that we seek to instill in every member of our

              global team.

    • Warranties

              -Parker writing instruments have a 2-year warranty against product defects. Proof of purchase required.

              -Waterman writing instruments have a 3-year warranty against product defects. Proof of purchase required.